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Cheryl Cresswell

Superstar Consultant


My Story

To all my family, friends and loyal customers, I just want to say thank you for your continuous support of my Scentsy business. It is my pleasure to take care of the need for fragrance in your homes, as well as having the connection with each of you personally. On May 18th, 2021, I will have celebrated my 8th Scentiversary! There has not been one time that I have regretted joining Scentsy! It is thrilling to work for a company that is founded on Positive principles and believes in encouraging its consultants and directors to grow and be successful in the challenges they face!! That is the beautiful thing about this company!! They make it possible for anyone to be successful by providing top of the line products that compete with any others in the market, trainings that help with anything you may not know how to do and awesome products that change constantly to meet the demands of the public. Even if there are extreme circumstances in our personal lives, Scentsy continues to be flexible through those changes in life situations. I have gone from Escential Consultant to Scentsy Independent Superstar Consultant and am very proud of attaining this title. I had no experience with sales of any kind other than selling cookies as a child in Brownies years ago. I wanted to open my home to family and friends to live, laugh and love and the home atmosphere is where it begins, as well as be in the homes of my hostesses. Having said this, I would like to encourage each and everyone of you to join my Scentsy family and add pleasing smells and aromas to your home, as well offer you the opportunity to join my personal team. I want to share this awesome opportunity with everyone who needs a substantial income for whatever reason. It allows you flexibility in hours and investment of time based on the fluctuations in your own personal health and family needs, plus you have tons of people who are making it happen and a huge source of support with our wonderful Super Star Directors, Becca Levie and Kallie Smith. Check back soon to come and browse my personal website anytime or call me and let me share all of the wonderful inventory that Scentsy has.

Sincerely and Scentfully Sent,

Cheryl Cresswell, Scentsy Independent Superstar Consultant

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